February 2010, I received my radio amateur’s licence, G-class.

Altho’ had a IC-2100 in my truck, (I was aware it was an ham’s station but well, at the time I was offered it, I thought it would be at least better idea if it ended with me rather than some other unskilled user) since the year 2008.

Current radio setup in Undanfari II: (Currently being rebuilt since 2015)

  • Icom IC-2100 with 5/8 lamba antenna mounted on roof.
  • APRS tracker, TT4; VX-2000; GPS serial mouse with 1/4 lambda antenna mounted on roof
  • Icom IC-706MKII with monopole Italian Hamstick. (The custom made broke aparts in a storm few months ago)
  • LGD IT-100 autotuner for stationary use with wire dipoles stretched from the body of Undanfari II

Radio setup in Undanfari III (Land Cruiser HZJ73)

  • Icom IC-2100 with 5/8 Lambda antenna on a roof rack.
  • Wouxun KG-UVD-P2 with TT4 modem
  • Icom IC-706MKII with monopole Italian Hamstick.
  • LDG IT-100 Autotuner.

Yaesu VX-8GR 2m/70cm handheld which I carry while hiking or on my bicycle.

I also run TF3SUT

TF2SUT-3 is a digipeater (WIDE1-1) and an IGate.

  • QTH: Reykjavik, Skipholt
  • KT8900 VHF radio, 144.800MHz 25W output
  • 5/8  Lambda Tram on the roof
  • TNC-PI
  • Some random PSU
  • Beacon – 10 min interval
  • I-Gate function both transmit and receive.

I also run TF2ICELAND which is a Tier2 APRS server.

Here you can see more info on APRS in TF.

73 de TF3SUT

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