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TF2SUT-3 is a digipeater. QTH: Leynisbraut, Akranes VX-2000 VHF radio, 144.800MHz 25W output 1/4 Lambda magnetic mount antenna 8m above sea level (to be replaced…) Foxdigi with CCW software Some random PSU Beacon – 50 min interval To be done: … Continue reading

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DiP-M, Solar powered APRS Digipeater.

  Recently, I’ve been more and more interested in APRS. I’ve been doing frequent tests on both 2m and 6m, with fair results. However, an idea has been growing in my mind, to do something to extend the range of … Continue reading

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New Gallery

Ok, I admit, I tried to get along with NextGen gallery and few other so called wordpress galleries. And well, they just don’t do what good galleries do, they’re okay to display few pictures but when it reaches some hundreds. … Continue reading

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HF stöðvar

Nú er ég að velta fyrir mér, þar sem mig er farið að langa í HF stöð í jeppann, hvaða stöð á að verða fyrir valinu. Ég er aðeins búinn að vera að skoða Yaesu og Icom (leit aðeins á … Continue reading

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