TF3SUT’s aprs Info

APRS RAW packet data from RF that TF2SUT-2 decodes can be seen here.    (Not working as of 2021-05-16)
The raw packet stream is updated on 5 minute interval and keeps a day worth of logs.
For information on how to do this, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Status of T2ICELAND server can be found here.    (Ntot working, not sure when it will be back up)

TF2SUT station info

  • Type: W1 Digipeater
  • TNC: TNC-X Raspberry pi & aprx
  • CPU: Raspberry Pi running Debian wheezy.
  • VHF: QYT-KT-8900 @ 144.800MHz TxPower: 20W

A map from of TF2SUT

TF2SUT-2 station info

  • Type: W1 Digipeater / TX/RX Internet Gate (Viscous)
  • TNC: TNC-X Raspberry pi shield & aprx
  • VHF: VX-2000 @ 144.800MHz
  • CPU: Raspberry Pi running Debian wheezy.
  • It also runs aprsc for T2ICELAND.
  • ANT: 1/4 wave magnetic mount on rooftop. (Plans are up for J-pole antenna)

aprx config file at TF2SUT-2
A map from of TF2SUT-2

TF2SUT-9 – Undanfari II

  • Type: 2 Way tracker – TX/RX Internet Gate (when within 3G range)
  • TNC: Byonics TinyTrak 4.
  • VHF: IC-706MKII
  • CPU: IBM Thinkpad x41
  • GPS-A: Garmin GPSMap 276C
  • GPS-B: Garmin GPSMap 60CX
  • Software: SarTrack, I-Gate, message capable and shows position of other RF objects.
  • ANT: 5/8 whip on the fender of my truck.

A map from of TF2SUT-9
Which is my truck, Undanfari II. Send me a message if you see me on the move!


  • Type: 1 way Tracker – TEMP Digipeater
  • TNC: Byonic’s TinyTrak 4.
  • VHF: IC-706MKII
  • GPS: Garmin GPSMap 276C.
  • ANT: 5/8 whip on the fender of my truck.

A map from of TF2SUT-12
Which is my one way tracker, running from my truck: Undanfari II.
Not message capable but can read other’s position and display on my screen.


  • Type: 2 way tracker
  • Yaesu VX-8GR.

A map from of TF2SUT-7
Which is a two way tracker and message capable, usually when I’m hiking or on my bicycle.

The How-To:

I rotate the logs from aprx via logrotate.
Edit the /etc/logrotate.d/aprx file, change ‘weekly’ for ‘daily’ and choose
how many days you’d like to keep. 8 days is default, but you can change this to whatever you want to.

How do I parse the rf data? Easy. A bit of cronjob hack and a minor bash script.
First, catch the log from aprx:

make a cronjob as a root with

sudo crontab -e

In the crontab you put this line:

*/5 * * * * cp /var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log /home/user/aprx-rf.log && chmod 777 /home/user/aprx-rf.log

This copies the log file, puts it in your user directory, and changes it’s permission so we can work with it.
Then we make a small bash “script”. I called mine ‘rf-log-splitter’ but you can name it anything you want.
Put this into the file:


# We grab the aprx-rf log and catch all the RF data from it.
# then we parse that into rf.log which is located in your web browser directory, where ever that is…
cat /home/user/aprx-rf.log | grep -v APRSIS > /home/user/www/aprs/rf.log

# where it can be publicly viewed.

save it in your home dir and then open crontab as a regular user.

crontab -e

In there we make a cronjob that runs our rf-log-splitter.

*/5 * * * * sh /home/user/rf-log-splitter

Now we’re updating the rf log every five minutes.

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