More news of the APRS network in Iceland. This evening I and TF3JA, Jón Þóroddur, went to Bláfjöll and finally installed TF3APB in a repeater house on the peak of the mountain. There is still some work to do concerning the antenna installation, as we were lacking feeder line (coax) and we’ll have to do some fabrication work on the antenna fastenings. In the meanwhile we have a quarter wave magnetic mount antenna on the rooftop. I was able to get to the nearest IGate at 1W output power on my truck, which is roughly 57km away, and while driving down the mountain alot of my packets went through TF3APB (aswell as TF3RPF and TF3RPG).

It has also been arranged that all the APRS digipeaters and IGates owned by IRA will have the callsign TFxAPx. For example TF3APB, TF3APG, TF3APF and so on…

We`ll see how the coverage will be in the following days.

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