Everything happens for a reason…

Some things in life just happen, other happen because they were caused by something. Sometimes life takes a really odd course, and I suppose I’ve felt that for the last few days.

The thing with life is that you cannot really predict what it is going to be up to a certain level. You know what the possible outcomes might be, but you can’t really prepare for all the possible outcomes, that might, or might not come.

A walk in the park or falling asleep might bring you to uncertain destinations. Even though it wasn’t predicted, or meant, in any a way.

My life just changed quite drastically, and I guess, that’s something I’ll have to get used to. Sleeping at friend’s couch and trying to find a place to sleep every now and then is just part of this big lottery we all participate in, constantly changing “homes”, or so to speak. My backpack is my home now.

Looks like I’m (hopefully) heading to Denmark in few months. And from there, Ireland or Scotland, who knows? It’ll be a change. I hope it will bring good times, leaving the past behind me, to start something new, something fresh that might eventually, restore my happiness, or lead me to my own mental destruction. We’ll see, but till then: Everything happens for a reason, be them bad or good.

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