Life is life…

It’s funny how things can change, and work out or not. How you never really can expect something to happen the way it does, in a way or another. I’ve set my self some goals for the coming new year, 2014, damn. Times just flies. I’ve realized that I’ve been spending my time in a manner, that doesn’t really pleases me nor does it encourage evolution of my inner self.

Next summer, I’ll head to Denmark for school, hopefully. I’m also going to focus more on private projects, in an artistic and scientific way. Been doing quite a bit of photography for the last weeks and months, and intending to keep working on that as well as my studies. I also have a nice project going on which involves collaboration with two good friends and artists from The States as well as the Reykjavik University and the Iceland Academy of Arts. We’ll see how it goes, because,  things happen for a reason, and you really can’t expect what the outcome will be!

Here’s a picture of my balcony view taken this weekend. As Christmas, or Yuletide as I’d prefer to call it, is approaching, I’d like to take the opportunity to ask people to think of your friends, family and even the complete stranger, cause some people are not granted the fortune to have merry christmas.

Be nice to each other, and if you can’t be nice, be weird, it’s the least you can do.


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