Flogging Molly

Been braiding floggers tonight, what a joy. At first I thought I’d have them 4plait by 9 tails, but after a while, I decided it to be only 5 per flogger and 4 plait. The problem I had was of course that the thinnest leather I found was 2mm thick… which is too much if I want to keep it not overwhelming big. This time I’ll be making them in two lengths, ’bout 40 cm and ’bout 60cm long. Brown, red and black available.
4 plait was not as hard to do as I remembered it was. I think 16 plait will however be a challange.
I think I’ll practice in 6 and 8 plait abit more first…

Perhaps this weekend I’ll start on some of the single tails… If I have the time that is.

Meeting at IRA tomorrow at 20:00 GMT. I’m gonna try to be there…

News of me other than this normal stuff, well, broke an u-joint in the truck, what a surprise… hehe.

Few projects comin’ up. Repeater, APRS digipeater and stuff… Perhaps, this summer I’ll find an HF mobile rig… Can’t be bothered ordering from the US at the moment. If you know ’bout someone sellin’ IC-7000 or IC-706MKIIG I’ll be interested… Especially if an automatic tuner is included. :D

That’s all folks!

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