MacBook Pro running slow after an upgrade to Mavericks.

Ever since I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, my mac has been having weird issues. Like watching videos in HD was sometimes really laggy and working with multiple images in photoshop was horrifying. Not even to mention that the “space” preview in Finder was *really* slow.

After hours of googling and searching the interwebs, I finally found a solution that worked:

As seen on Rhys Oxenham’s website, there seems to be some kind of an issue with the temperature monitor of the CPU. Causing it to use insane amount of processing power for that specific task. How annoying.

I did the workaround, rebooted the mac and now it’s pretty fast again. What a relief.  Of course I’ll have to be careful not to overheat the processor, as the temperature monitor is now not working anymore, but I don’t really see that as a great issue, at least it makes my mac useable without frustration so I’ll live with that. Just wished that Apple would actually *do* something about this bug, as this seems to have been a bug for few releases already.

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