The bicycling heroes of the arctic?

Just recently I found out two very fascinating travel blogs that I found interesting, actually, so interesting that I’m hitting refresh every damn time I get the chance to sit down at the computer to see if they’ve updated their blog.

The Cycling Dutch Girl.

Stating the obvious, it’s a blog about Dutch girl’s travel around the world, on a bicycle. Recently she’s been traveling around Iceland, yes, you read that correctly, Iceland. Yes, it’s still winter, and storms hit us repeatedly. Yet that girl is cycling like she just doesn’t give a fuck. What a badass. Also be sure to check out her other trips, not only is she a mad touring cyclist but she’s also quite a talented photographer and a storyteller. A talent that is not widespread these days.

Bike wanderer

Not so obvious, Bike wanderer is a guy with ambition, and got the guts to make things come true, like cycling through Canada, from Vancouver to Inuvik. Yeah, Inuvik is like, above 68° Latitude. Even though that guy does not seem to have much training or experience in such journeys, he just gets his ass off and starts getting there, with a minor budget, to be noted. I’m not sure how he does that, but man, that’s impressive. He also has to avoid bears, extreme cold, and whatnot. “Meals on wheels” kind of makes sense up there.

That makes me question my self: “what am I waiting for?”

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